The Impact of $1.00

What Can $1.00 Do? 

$1.00 from each RL Official #DefeatTheDARK Shirt sale will be donated to a charity of your choice to help people cope with and overcome a particular darkness in their lives. 

Let's take a look at how one shirt sale ($1.00) can light up someone else's life;

- $1.00 can fill 4 cups of food.  It might not seem like much but when you're starving every cup of food matters. 

- $1.00 per week ($52 per year) can provide three hours of respite care for a cancer patient.

- It can also provide three flu shots for an uninsured senior citizen.

With only 5 #DefeatTheDARK shirt sales per week (that's 260 shirt sales per year);

- Ten senior citizens can receive pneumonia vaccinations. 

- 52 home safety educations kits can be provided for families with young children.


- A week of groceries can be supplied to a 3-4 person family.

Here's what $1.00 ten times per week per year can do;

-  Provide fifteen cases of nutritional supplements for HIV and AIDS patients.

-  Make available six months of health education and awareness for the refugee community. 

-  Give training for one volunteer to work with the terminally ill.

$1.00 x 25 times per week per year will have the following impact;

- Psychological evaluation services provided for 24 special-needs children. 

- Supplies one week of feeding and care for approximately 800 disaster victims.

- Makes available one hundred hours of counseling for assisted-living residents. 

(Source: United Way and Workplace Psychology

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