- How Does It Work?

Richie Luna seamlessly integrates thin film electroluminescent lighting material into different luxury textile apparel via specific finishing processes.
Powered by a removable USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery fitted inside apparel pocket, simply illuminate by the press of a button. 
- Why is it available through Pre-Order?
Richie Luna  is Limited Edition - custom hand made fashion technology. 
- When will my Pre-Order be shipped? 
Orders usually take 6-8 weeks to fulfill.
Specific shipping information will be emailed to you with full tracking details and notifications. Click here to learn more about production and delivery.
- How long does it illuminate for on a single charge? 
Around 3-4 hours on a single charge.
- Does it come with a warranty?
Yes we offer a warranty. Please click here to view our detailed warranty and return policies. 
- Is it water resistant? 
Yes Richie Luna Tech is water resistant.
- I'm not sure which size I am?
Book a consultation with Richie Luna to determine design, size, and fitting requirements.

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