About Richie Luna

Inspired by the Moon - to Light Up the World. 


Richie Luna - technology meets fashion.  

Richie Luna is a post modern fashion technology designer seamlessly merging thin film wearable illuminating materials into luxury apparel.

Born out of the darkness, Richie Luna's mission is to light up the world.

Over several years, Founder Richie Luna sought inspiration and motivation to defeat his darkness of anxiety and depression, while experimenting with different illuminating materials, merging all components into different fashion textiles.

Upon completing and wearing his first prototype, and turning it ON, his life changed completely. He found new inspiration and self-motivation synonymous to a feeling of being transformed into a "Super Hero". 

Richie Luna then used this as fuel to create and build his first prototype which he wore during his music video production titled "Celebrate!" (The Call to Light)  

After his video went viral, to his surprise, Richie received a flood of inquiries about his illuminating prototype. Richie Luna then set out on a mission to create the world's first fully wearable, luxury, illuminating apparel line. 

Richie Luna evolved over the years into an emerging and growing company currently consisting of a core team whose mission control is programmed to go to the Moon and beyond.

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Richie Luna - Fashion Technology


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